Creating a comprehensive, multidisciplinary Neuroscience Institute

Stroke. Brain injuries or tumors. Back and spine pain. Neuropathy. Chronic migraines. Multiple sclerosis. Alzheimer’s. Parkinson’s. Lou Gehrig’s disease.

These and other devastating neurological conditions affect the lives of a growing number of Arizonans. Yet comprehensive, integrated and expert care has not been available in one convenient location. Until now.

The Bob Bové Neuroscience Institute at HonorHealth opens in spring 2021 to provide these services, all under one roof.

This new, five-story building on the HonorHealth Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center campus is a state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary neuroscience center. The Bob Bové Neuroscience Institute at HonorHealth will house complete, coordinated neurological, neurosurgical and support services in a single location.

The institute features a team of top neurologists and neurosurgeons, as well as therapists and others. Easily accessible services will range from diagnosis of brain, spine and nervous system conditions to specialized inpatient and outpatient treatments, rehabilitation services and support groups. This includes infusion therapy, imaging, neuroscience clinical trials, physical therapy and nutritional counseling. 

Ultimately, the HonorHealth Neuroscience Institute’s patient-friendly, multidisciplinary approach will mean:

  • A patient’s care is expertly and cooperatively managed throughout their disease process
  • Services aren’t duplicated
  • Information sharing is improved between members of the patient’s care team, thanks to integrated communication tools with one electronic medical record
  • A more effective, satisfying and cost-effective healthcare experience for patients 

Opening in 2021, the new Bob Bové Neuroscience Institute needs your philanthropic support to provide the building along with vital programs, services, equipment and technology.

Your gift helps bring optimal care and outcomes to neurological patients and their families, as well as unparalleled access to clinical trials and medical advancements.

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Todd Levine MD
“The Neuroscience Institute will differentiate itself by the care and experience it provides patients. Our expert multidisciplinary teams will allow patients to function better by unifying the treatments of the physicians, therapists and other ancillary services into one seamless, manageable experience. With the largest number of cutting-edge clinical trials in the neurosciences in Arizona, we will also bring the latest treatment options directly to all patients who will benefit from them.”


—Todd Levine, MD, HonorHealth Neurology
Dr. Luis Manuel Tumialán
“The HonorHealth Neuroscience Institute allows disjointed care to become coordinated and collaborative under one roof. The neurologist runs into the neurosurgeon, who runs into the researcher, who runs into the physical therapist. It keeps us all thinking in 3D rather than 2D so advancements can be made.”


—Luis Manuel Tumialán, MD, Barrow Brain and Spine
Frederick Marciano, MD
“New thoughts, innovation and better care come out of an environment like this.”


—Frederick Marciano, MD, PhD, Barrow Brain and Spine, HonorHealth Director of Neuroscience