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Inspiring opportunities

At HonorHealth Foundation, you have the opportunity to directly impact the areas of health and wellbeing that matter most to you.

A heart failure program that saves lives. Clinical trials that give cancer patients new hope. A food bank that provides nutritious meals, with a side of support services.

These are just a few of the ways your philanthropy can help make a lasting impact.

Choose Your Impact

Choose your impact

HonorHealth Foundation donors support a wide variety of programs that:

  • Respond to urgent HonorHealth needs, like COVID-19
  • Support patients and families in need
  • Advance clinical programs
  • Build a healthier community
  • Fuel innovative research
  • Support one of six HonorHealth medical centers
  • Build the healthcare system of tomorrow

What impact will you choose?

Heroes of Healthcare Heroes of Healthcare

Meet the heroes of healthcare

While we’ve all seen the commitment of heroic doctors, nurses and other health professionals, we also consider donors our heroes. Many important and innovative HonorHealth programs are funded primarily or in full through philanthropy.

When HonorHealth Research Institute discovers a new, highly effective treatment for pancreatic cancer, you’re seeing the collaborative results of medical expertise, institutional support and donor investment.

When HonorHealth Desert Mission expands its Food Bank outreach to include resources to help families find employment and housing, it’s the result of staff experience, volunteer commitment and donor compassion in action.

Meet some of these Heroes of Healthcare – donors, healthcare experts and patients. Their stories will inspire you!